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Thursday, May 28, 2009

No comment.., just fast fast heal!!!!!

Good morning everybody...

2day before went to a clinic at Pudu, Clinic Tham & Ng. It is a great clinic, the doctor is helpful, he was the one who help me clean my wound, instead of asking nurse to do it. He taught me alot on how to use the limb brace in a proper way. The charges was fair and cheap too. Compare to Clinic Ng & Lee which is a QUALITAS CLINIC... Only command the nurse to do the dressing and wound cleaning and the charges is HIGH and really not worth it. Puii...

Hmm... my wound.. looks terrible... don't dare to post it.. scare later scare off you all...
Yesterday just went to HUKM for check up, AS USUAL, went there early and waited for whole morning. AGAIN... the same doctor who attend me was the same doctor which I mention before..the one who keep on shaking his head.............. He said i have to put on the backslab. What the heck is this?!?!? When I'm warded, those doctor at the ward told me that backslad is NEEDED NO MORE, and now... this doctor said NEED... Aren't suppose ALL DOCTOR STUDY the SAME thing, and should have the same decision towards a situation?? OR should they discuss before making any futher action..... I dont' like seeing that particular doc..

Just cleaned my wound.. Looks pretty good today, glad...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Warded in HUKM

There will be disturbing photo content, click X if you can't bare to see gross and disgusting stuff..

Yesterday just got discharged from the orthopedic ward in HUKM. Due to wound infection, I was admitted into ward on 16/05/2009, Saturday. Okay, lets have a look at my X-ray of my fracture metatarsal bone.

And now into the most important part, my wound. Review of the hit area. Swelling > bruises > infected wound with a hole!





























From nothing to something serious..

A week before, it was only a small hole, and I thought it will recover by itself, but as days passed.. the hole became bigger!! Can't wait anymore until the next appointment on 20th of May, my uncle brought me back to HUKM for a check up. When we got there, the hospital was having a blackout. In this situation, all the machines were not working. We waited from 9am-1pm to have my foot scan! My uncle keep scoldin' scoldin' and scoldin' for the whole day.. After the X-ray scanning, waited for another 2 hours to have a doctor to attend me!!! walauu eaaa.. Dr. Siti who attended me told me that I need to be warded and go through a operation to clean the infected wound. Kinda worried because this really sounds serious to me... So, got admitted into ward after waited for another 1 hour which is about 4pm something... The whole process in HUKM was to WAIT.

1st day warded, 16/05/09(Sat)

My backslab was removed and I have to puasa in order to go for the operation. The reason to puasa (total empty stomach) before operation is because to prevent the patient vomit and choke themselves to death during the surgery. Sis came by at night and brought me PSP, my iPod shuffle and my fully charged hp. Marcus, my aunt, Snail and Fei waited for me to go for operation but there was no news at all. But I knew that it will be around the corner! Nurse was shooing visitors and I was left alone on the bed. I was so nervous and tension for whole night!! I kept on looking at the clock until I fell asleep listening to my iPod.

12am sharp, I was waken up by the nurse to change to surgery outfit. My hearbeat went 1000 times faster!!!!!!!! OMG.... going already.. Pop onto the bed and 2 nurses push me to the operating theater. I shivered along the way until reached OT, still shivered like a vibrating mobile phone!!!! An anaesthetic doctor told me that I will be getting a spinal anaesthetsia which is a injection into the back which will cause total numbness and paralysis for both of my legs. The OT was exactly the same as what we see on TV, with those huge round and adjustable light, doctors with mask on. Never expect to have music in the OT though! Was playing the english hits songs. LoL!!

Onto the operating bed, the anaesthetic doctor swap my lower back very hard with the alcohol wipe. I saw those needles.. huh.. that was killing me mentally, I'm so scared.. FOR ONCE, I'm being so scared in my life......... I'm so terrified. The doctor never told me that I will be getting 3 japs!! The injections were EXTREMELY PAINFUL!!! SO SO SO PAINFUL!!!! Tears came out... The pain was indescribable.. I can felt the liquid flow downward to my butt and the slowly making my both legs numb. The operation started at 12.45am. I was wide awake during the whole operation. Although with the anaesthetic, I still can felt some pain while doctors were working on my foot. I can felt they were scrappin' the wound, kept pressing to released those blood clot inside the wound. And I even felt that the wound was being stitch!! My upper body still manage to shivered.. =.= The operation last for 45minutes.. Then, I was sent to the monitoring ward and pushed back to orthopedic ward after half an hour.

Huhh.. At last.. I've gone through the operation. Being curious, I tried to move my legs and the feeling of paralys was so weird because I really can't move move my legs. Slept at 3am and woke up at 6am with my butt still numb.. LoL!

After operation.

2nd day warded, 17/05/09(Sun)

Dull look..

1st hospital breakfast, fried macaroni with chilli. I heard that after having surgery better to avaoid spicy food, yet hospital is serving patients with spicy food. My routine on the bed was PSP-ing (Popolocrois and Loco Roco), sleep, eat, go to the toilet pee pee, and the routine just repeat..

Now just need to hang antibiotic solution, huhhhhhhhh.. It's HURT!!!!!!!!!!! Each time removed, nurse need to clear the clot by japping solution into the vein. It's HURT!!!!!!!! I hate that feeling!! Antibiotic solution then will be attach to the needle.. Will eat chocolate that Marcus bought to me and keep on chewing on it. Yum yum~ Marcus came over and accompany me for awhile bringing ribena and then ciao..~

Fik called up and said will visit me, I waited him till I fell asleep. When I woke up, saw a carton of HL milk, a pack of fruits left by Fik and Hugo... What laaa... You guys should whack me up instead of calling my name softly.. haizzzzz....... Anyway, really thanks alot!!!!

Met a new friend there who was a patient that ride bike too.. She hits a trailer and had injury most of the lower part of the body. She has serious fracture pelvis bone.. She can only walk after 6 months and run after 2 years of recovery...She told me that she won't ride bike anymore..

Spicy, spicy and spicy.

3rd day warded, 18/05/09(Mon)

Today, the bandages were removed and doctor had a look at the wound. The doc said I need to stay for few more days to monitor the wound.......... I thought can ciao ady.. haizz.. need to stay again.. and continue poking needles and hang antibiotic solution.. almost cried out..

Everything remove and my foot naked, the doc said I need to stay for few more days..

Aunt came to visit me in the morning and we had some talk.. Then uncle brought fish head noodle for me~ yummy...~ At last.. there's something that really can make me feel full.. Got the wound cleanse by medic student. There were 5 of them grouping together to cleanse and do dressing for my foot. So funny looking at those doctor-to-be doing their pratical.. In the afternoon, Marcus came with Chu Ming to visit me. After discharge from ward will GG~ LoL!

The backslab was removed and I feel FREE~ Snail and Fei dropped by at night brought along soy bean drink and prunes for me~ Seriously, I dislike RICOLA..

Vein at my right hand started to swell and the antibiotic doesn't flow into it, so have to poke the left hand... Somehow leakage occured and the session have to be pause until a doctor come to fix it. I waited until fell asleep and the doc only came at 12am... He was an hour late...

Patients were serve with KAMPUNG FISH!!! I didn't touch the meal at all..... As you can see, ALL THE MEAL (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are SPICY!

4th day warded,19/05/09(Tue)

Yay!!! Can be discharge from ward!! I'm out of there!!! Vannie, Fik, Yuen Fatt, Kit Yee and her bf came on time and they fetch me home~ Of course, I didn't head home straight away, we went to have lunch at I-cafe. Meeting See Hoe, Khar Keong and Elsie as well..! They were great friends. Vannie, thanks for the fruits!! She is the head of our gang!! X,D

Ouu yea, Snail.. Thanks for the chikin essence!! ^.^ Hope the chikin power can help me recover soon!

Again, spicy fried spicy noodle, curry chicken!

HoPE To RUN on my both legs soon enough!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sis B'day

She's turning 22 this year

Yö sis!! Happy BirthDay To YOu!!!
May all the luck goes to you,
All the best be with you,
Stay healthy and pretty always!!

Latest b'day cakesss~

look to the right--> do we look alike?

Cakes and the b'day gal

say yay~

Squido + Waterfish

Eric + Waterfish
p.s. he's the 1 who bought the cakes~ hehe

Will upload the present I bought for her, SOon.. in progress..
i apologise

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Thanks for the happy moments..
Thanks for filling my life..
Thanks for being silly with me...
Thanks for being there with me when I needed you..
Thanks for sharing my pain and sorrow..
Thanks for the herbs medication..
Thanks for everything..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

!@#$%&* HUKM

!@#$%& is all what I can said bout' today's check up at HUKM

Got up at 7.00am early in the morning, and Sis accompany me to HUKM for my check up.
Went to the orthopedic department, whoaa! so happy cause there were no people!!! Done the registration an paid RM5 and then transfer to the radiology department for X-ray scanning.There were bout' 15 patients waiting there.. =.=
Waited for 1 hour until my turn which only took 5 minutes to scan my foot. Was wondering why they didn't remove the backslab a.k.a the cement bandage thingy before X-ray scanning. Even the nurse that conduct the scanning didn't mention bout' it. She just scan my foot and ciao I go out.. So I didn't worry bout' anything.

Then, I went back to orthopedic department and the nurse told that the doctor for trauma haven't come for duty. What the.................................. Waited bout' 1 hour again until the doctors appear to attend their patients!!! Dulann!!!

Here come the funny things...
The doctor who attend me was a foreign doctor. He speaks SLOooWwwLYyyy and look at me from head to toe. Then started to ask me:

1. WHY you did the X-ray with the backslab????
2. WHY you come for check up in a week after the 1st time??

SO, I answer him:

1. BECAUSE nobody told me so. To take off the backslab?!?
2. BECAUSE this was the appointment set by the doctor who attend me last week when I got into hospital after the accident.

The doctor just SHAKE his head slooowwwllyyyy.. And write his stuff slowwwwlyyy. He said that nothing can be seen in a week time. As he said so, looking back to d X-ray and comparing with the 1st time scanning, there're really not much different. I can say is NOTHING changes at all.. STILL look the same.
The doctor said atleast need 2 weeks to see result and he set the next appoinment after 2 weeks which will be 20th of May.....

So today's check up is a NOTHING! And the medical fees is only RM5


Told my uncle about this incident and he decided to bring me to the chinese medical a.k.a. TABIB CINA.....

What to do?!?!?
Western or chinese?!?! huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Emergency Rescue For Pulau Ketam Dogs

News From SPCA
For release on Wednesday, 6th May 2009

Abandoned Dogs Cannibalizing Each Other
SPCA Selangor & Save A Stray Start Emergency Relief Efforts Today

4th May 2009, KLANG – SPCA Selangor Animal Inspectors and Save A Stray founder Jacqueline Tsang made another trip to Pulau Ketam and the neighbouring uninhabited island on Monday to check on the dogs that had been abandoned on Pulau Selat Kering.

What they witnessed confirmed their worst fear.

The dogs have no choice but to eat carcasses of other dogs, as there is no other source of food available for weeks

Upon approaching Pulau Selat Kering, the team saw approximately 10 dogs on the fringe of the island. When they moved closer, a horrific sight unfolded. Several emaciated dogs were crowded and hunched around something – they were hungrily feasting on the remains of another dog.

They were fighting amongst each other for a small meal. The stronger dogs dominated, while weak dogs sat at a distance and watched helplessly. Nearby, a weak dog was screaming because several dogs were trying to bite her. The sound of dogs fighting could be heard in the distance intermittently. The dogs were starving, and very skinny – they had not had a proper food source for weeks.

Dogs eating the dog kibbles hungrily

About 15 more dogs were seen resting among the mangroves. Inspector Murugan walked through the swampland and quickly emptied two 15-kilo bags of dog food onto the sand, and filled up a bucket with clean drinking water. The dogs immediately rushed out towards the food, and ate hungrily.

Upon reaching back to the main island (Pulau Ketam), the team met with the Sungai Lima village head (also facing a stray dog crisis), and Mr Loo (Secretary of Ketam Dogs Catching Committee). They agreed to cooperate with SPCA & SAS on emergency rescue and relief efforts for the abandoned

dogs, as well as long-term plans sterilize the dogs and either rehome or relocate them.

Immediate Action

Today (6th May 2009), Jacqueline from SAS, SPCA Animal Inspectors, SPCA Vet Dr Goh and SPCA Kennel worker Maran have gone to Pulau Selat Kering to start catching and transporting as many abandoned dogs back to the main island of Pulau Ketam for rehabilitation and safekeeping. Dogs that are too weak or sickly will be euthanized humanely on the spot, to prevent them from suffering further.

The dogs will be provided with food and water everyday, and will be monitored while confined in cages. Once they are healthy enough, the dogs will be neutered and re-homed or re-located

.Thus far, 10 cages have been secured (5 donated, and 5 purchased by SPCA) for the transportation and confinement of the dogs.

How You Can Help

SPCA and SAS are appealing to the public to contribute to their Pulau Ketam fund, to aid the emergency rescue and relief efforts over the next several weeks. Funds will be utilized to hire boats for transportation of the dogs, purchase dog food, medical supplies and cages. The start-up fund is RM1,300 – proceeds from a networking event SPCA organized last Sunday.

We also appreciate donations in kind – 3’ x 3’ multipurpose cages, dog biscuits and canned food, food and water bowls, towels, water storage containers, and flea/tick spray. All donated items can be sent to the SPCA Animal Shelter in Ampang Jaya.

Donate Online


Please indicate that the donation is for the Pulau Ketam Project.

Fund Transfers & Cheques

You can bank in the payment to our RHB account (Account No: 2-12273-00021583). Please call or e-mail us at enquiries@spca.org.my to notify us of your bank-in donation and transaction details.

Please make all cheques to the Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (please write Pulau Ketam fund on the reverse), and mail to ;

SPCA Selangor

Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama

68000 Ampang Jaya

Selangor Darul Ehsan

Enquiries: 603-4256 5312 (8am - 4.30pm), 4253 5312 (10am – 6.30pm)


If you are an experienced dog-handler, animal rescuer or vet and interested in assisting with the emergency rescue and relief work, or able to foster adult dogs or puppies temporarily, please send us an e-mail immediately at enquiries@spca.org.my . There are hundreds of dogs and puppies that need your help, every bit counts!

Background Information

Pulau Ketam consists of two settlements - Pulau Ketam Village and Sungai Lima Village. Both villages claim to have been facing a stray dog crisis for the last several years. Earlier this month, newspapers reported that Pulau Ketam villagers were trapping stray dogs and transporting them to a 3 vacant island in a desperate attempt to reduce the population of dogs. Sungai Lima villagers later started a similar operation.

Pulau Ketam villagers reported that 312 dogs had already been trapped and abandoned on uninhabited Pulau Tengah out of an estimated population of 2000, while Sungai Lima villagers estimated their stray dog population to be around 600.

SPCA Animal Inspectors Cunera and Murugan, and SAS founder Jackie Tsang made a trip to Pulau Ketam earlier this week. They found that most of the villagers owned dogs themselves, and had no intention of causing harm to the strays on the island. They were frustrated at the stray dog population, which is quickly spiraling out of control – the villagers estimate that there are approximately 2000 strays on the island. The villagers said that they did not want the dogs caught and euthanized, and thought that leaving them to survive on another island would be better. The villagers were upset with the reports in the media, which claimed that they had been burning the dogs or abusing them – which they denied doing.

The team found that during the day time, there were dozens of stray cats and dogs roaming the island. However, when they surveyed a part of the town from 12.30pm-1.30am, they counted 82 dogs in just a small area. The dogs look generally healthy, with several suffering from minor injuries.

At a meeting with the village leaders, they agreed to support a mass sterilization effort for both stray and pet dogs (and cats) by SPCA and SAS.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5th day, beh tahan...

Ewww... almost freeze my injured leg for a week.. really wanna twist it but I can't... Feel so hopeless that I CAN'T TWIST my foot.. Even moving the toes is hurt..I feel UNEASY. I wanted to cry..

Everytime wake up and put down the leg, the blood will rush to the bottom of the leg and somehow like stuck half way because of the injury. It hurts.. really hurts..
Tomorrow will be goin' for check up.

Raymond, my pet shop boss called me up, telling me that he will be hiring another pet groomer to replace me for 2 months. He didn't sack me, he did said that he wanted me to go back and work for him. As I will be MC's for 2 months, he told me that I won't be given any salary.. I think maybe because I'm not yet a confirm staff.. I just worked there for bout' a month.

Today Jhun came by to visit me, he lend me a charm which he believes that can heal wound. Still as superstitious as last time.. Said it's made from volcanic rock and was pressed into a coin shape.
Anyone interested? Cosway is selling it.. =.=

━━LPJ ・‥…━━

dropped by at LPJ's friendster profile... Suddenly all the memories nonstop flashing back.. I'm so so SO GLAD to have you in my life. LPJ, I wanna say THANK YOU so much for being my friend.. You know what, my 'hingus' is dripping and tears are hanging at the edges of both eyes now.. LPJ thank you for always being there for me when I'm in touble. You are a GREAT pal, you know. May GOD bless you and all my friends.

damn accurate.. this is me


She will be similar to Leo woman in appearance. A slim woman who walks with
confident and proud. She has an egg shape facial structure, high and round
forehead. She likes to look straight as if she is searching. She is not a
pretentious type and will always say what she thinks.

You will see Virgo woman walks fast. She will try her best to be perfect, to
look perfect and to feel perfect even though there is no such perfection.
She is very delicate of what and how she dress. She is bright and easily
despair with obstacles. She likes smart guy who will be compatible with her,
so if you are a rich dumb guy, you can forget about her right now.

She is not a very possessive or jealous person for she expect respect from
her love one. She does not like a part time lover, or a temporary mate. If
she finds her dream man, she will not go away. If she does not like you, she
will always keep a certain distant. Act proper and appropriate is her

She does not like and can not stand bad languages, cursing words or phrase.
She likes a gentleman who open the doors for her. She wants to feel
protected and when a man taking care of her, she will feel like a complete

She memorizes everything about other people and about herself very well. She
can really keep secret, you can trust her on this. She likes a refreshing
and a mild scent. She is very delicate in maintaining her beauty, so you
could see she is seriously picking soap which match and most suit her skin.
Do not comments her on this very picky habits, it is her happiness in
working full times as a self beautifier.

She is not an innocent angle for sometimes she can be as tough as steel.
Even she easily despair, she is not the type to cry over it. She is a shy
type, so making speech in front of the room can make her nervous even she
walks and talks confidently.

She only search for true love , not just any love. Her love is an ideal one.
She likes to think no one is neater and as effective as her, which can
irritate you sometimes for there is no such thing. She likes sweet talk, but
she can slip and say something unpredictable and unbearable to you too. When
she stops getting mad, she will totally forget what she just said and be an
angle again. If you have a date with her , you'd better be there on time.

Flowers and sweet word can calm her down. If you want to say sorry , make it
brief and straight forward. Do not drag your apologetic words into a long
making it up events, it could lead you to another world war. She likes her
man to dress nice and clean. She is good in details especially with money.
Do not make she thinks that she is a clown or funny.

In the beginning of knowing her, please try not to glance at other pretty
woman so much. Early period of dating her, try not to hold her so much in
public, it would not be a proper thing to do. She loves books, stage play
and music and likes to criticize about them too.

Criticism woman is her icon including big and small things in life starting
from your hair, your dress , and the way you talk. If you are in love with
her, be as almost perfect as your can.

4th Day

Bro, TJ came visiting me at night bringing bunch of E-manga, anime and GBA games..
GBA... pokemon, harvest moon, sonic... I'm back to 90's huh.. Thanks bro! Lol..
Went to bed quite early, before 12am! unbelievable~

MTCM always said that foster siblings are such a nonsense thing to be done. He just don't understand the special bond. Whatever. As long as I know that all my bro's are being caring and all of them have a special something in them.

Hmm..Cant wait till 6.05.2009 for the next check up..!

Monday, May 4, 2009

3rd Day

Nothing much happen.. As usual, using my butt muscle while I'm sitting, my armpits and right leg while I'm walking..

WeiLun, CheeHong and SookWah came by visiting me~ so glad that my friends being so concern.

Mom scolded me in the phone because I keep complaining that I cant work.. "You want LIFE or you want MONEY".. She repeated this sentence more than 10 times.. Incredible Mom~
She said need atleast 2 months for fully recovery..

As a chinese saying, hand stop working, mouth too... no work no income

Saturday, May 2, 2009

2nd Day is TOUGH

breaking into the 2nd day of RECOVERY...
Today Snoopy Didi came by to visit me, bringing bread story buns, chocolate flavour love letters and a GET WELL SOON card~ So nice of him... had a great chat, not so boring luo...~

Hehe, PooiJi and Fei came to visit me again today~ TQ for the tong sui~ yummy

today the foot feel kinda painful... ain't really look at it until my sis ask me to.. So I just have a peep at it..... HOLY @#$%&!! my toes now are DARK PURPLE in COLOUR!!!!!!!! SO AWFUL!!! Looks like a corpse FOOT!!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGG............................
Went out to have dinner at outside... the route suppose to be nothing to worry.. but today.... I STRUGGLE my way for the dinner.... it's so TOUGH.. tougher than working out at the gym with a personal trainer!! I cried... It's tough.. really..
 I can't walk anymore.. I can feel that my calf muscle is like gonna to tare off.. 
I'm kinda depress... I'm not feeling happy.. I'm not..

Friday, May 1, 2009

1st Day

The foot feel better today.. not as pain as yesterday. Atleast now can touches the floor. But then, now both my armpits are painful... Using the tongkat, eventually I put all my body weight to both of my arms to walk. Gosh... so tiring.. Right leg exhausted, both arms exhausted.. Somemore today is so darn HOt.. made me so mad... Hope can recover soon.. Can't go anywhere... Pee pee and poo poo also take longer time..

Glad that PooiJi and Fei came by to chit chat with me.. huh.. TQ so much pal.. really