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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Open Water Diving Course at Pulau Perhentian

25th July 2011 - 28th July 2011

Have been a very pack trip to Perhentian Island for PADI Open Water diving course. Suppose to have 4 persons but this trip ended up with 2 persons only... Because WeiLun have some personal problem need to settle and then JiannSiang also not following. Seriously, I can't wait already.. So just carry on the trip with only myself and ShouYik. Need to thank Johnny for all the diving information!!! And also Esther~~~ She bring out the ohm for me to DIVE!

Took Perdana Ekspress bus from PWTC terminal bus station to Kuala Besut, cost for RM42 per journey. The bus departed around 10.30pm and reach Kuala Besut around 7.00am in the morning. Waited until 8.00am for boat to arrive and took the speedboat to Long Beach which cost RM35 for 1 way journey.. Then transfer to a RM2 taxi boat to take us to BuBu Long Beach.

Registered ourselves and immediately got into a classroom and started studying! We need to do quiz for each chapters and then do the final exam... Everything is about theory.. Basically, we spent our first day reading, watching introduction video, discussing and doing theory tests.... Anyway, I passed with 82% out of 100% for the final exam~ ahaha!

Nasi Goreng Kampung.. my first meal at perhentian island during break time for theory class....

The dorm with 2 double decker and a ceiling-fan.
Big mistake for choosing the upper deck because almost cold to death at night!!

Second day started our first dive!!! Woot* Got to the shore and have my 1st breath underwater!!!!! That's AWESOME!!! Unbelievable!! What else? LOL!!! Completed the Confine Water in 2 dives~
Actually there's no problem that sea water will spoil your contact lenses. Because I'm a specky too~ I wear the same pair of contact lenses since the first dive. But better to bring a another pair for emergency cases.

Our scuba unit~

damn heavy wehhh!

sunrise of  26.07.2011

The third day~ Go for second dive. Our first dive in the middle of the sea!!!!! We took a 20 minutes boat ride  towards the dive site which they called it Temple of The Sea.
How to get into the water?? We wont's climb ladder.. We did a back drop from the boat into the sea! Shiok!!! Then swam towards a rope... From there, we deflated our BCD and started to descend!!! With only a rope to hold on, we follow Matt and keep descending.. along the way down, I see nothing, just surrounded by the deep blue colour sea... Before reaching the bottom, Matt instructed us to let go of the rope.. OMG! Nervous like hell!!!!! And follow Matt swam towards a direction.. I just can't believe my eyes.... Saw the most amazing scenery I never seen before... school of fish... huge puffer fish just swim across me, corals.. Fishes everywhere!!! Definitely you won't stop looking and even wanted to blink your eyes. LOL!!!  Since it's a the first dive in the open sea, I got so nervous.... I used up my air quite fast.. uhhhh...

Temple ot The Sea - Perhentian Island

Me on wet suit! Yeng lehh~ LOL!

my diving buddy, ShouYik~ Seriously, no one will dive alone. Buddy System is very important!! Anyway, ShouYik have been a very good diving buddy~ hahaah!

Thank you so much for everything Calvin~ He arranged everything during this 4 days of diving course; boat transports, accommodation, etc.

Our diving instructor, Matt! He is a great instructor; he makes sure we did all the techniques and skills correctly, patient with us, strict instructor.. LOVE ya! 

Be part of Quiver dive team

sunrise for the last day at Perhentian Island~

Assembling your scuba unit:
  1. Check O-ring
  2. Wet BCD harness
  3. Attach BCD to scuba tank;  have the top of the hard plate in the jacket to be about even with the base of the cylinder valve
  4. Attach regulator to cylinder tank (when wearing BCD, the regulator and alternate air source should be at the right side and meter gauge along with low pressure hose at the left); tighten first stage at cylinder valve, then attach low pressure hose to BCD low-pressure inflator
  5. Hold SPG/ meter gauge away from you (place it beside the cylinder tank) and slowly turn to on the valve to the max. Then turn back 1 round. A full tank should have 200bar.
  6. Inflate your BCD using left thumb, then deflate BCD with index and middle finger and inflate manually.
  7. Check air by smelling and try breathing with regulator.
  8. Position SPG and alternate air source.
  9. Prepare weight belt; gap of each weight with bull trademark.
  10. Wear weight belt; make sure belt buckle have to be at your left side

Dissembling scuba unit:
  1. Take off scuba unit
  2. Take off weight belt
  3. Close cylinder tank and release all the air by pressing the regulator purge button..
  4. Detach first stage and clean dust cab by blowing with some air from cylinder tank, then tighten back into the first stage.
  5. Detach low pressure hose
  6. Wash BCD with clean water, fill BCD with clean water and shake it well~ Then pour out the water. Hang BCD.
  7. Wash regulator unit and snorkel with clean water.
  8. Wash wet suit with clean water and hang it.

Firstly what you need to do when we get your scuba tank is; To check at the O-ring of the valve. ( no o-ring, no diving!) The black rubber thing is the o-ring. Without or with damaged o-ring, the regulator won't seal properly and might cause air leaking! This is so important!

Secondly, get your BCD wet before attaching to the scuba tank. Just wet the HARNESS/ BAND at the back will do.. as nylon will stretches when wet. If you attach the dry harness/ cylinder band, it may loosen when you get in the water. DANGEROUS!!! After that only you attach the cylinder tank to your BCD. Basically, have the top of the hard plate in the jacket to be about even with the base of the cylinder valve. If you attach too low, your cylinder tank might be knocking your head when in the water.. lol... Alright, now check that it's secure by lifting up the cylinder slightly holding the top of the BCD backpack and give it a lil shake too~ If hte BCD doesn't shake or slide on the cylinder, GOOD JOb! If not, readjust the band for tighter fit.

After that, get your regulator, facing your BCD and put the first stage on the cylinder valve, make sure the second stage hose leads to your right when you wear it and the low pressure hose along with gauge meter will be at your left side. Remove the dust cap and tighten the first stage of the regulator to the cylinder valve. Then, attach the low pressure hose from the regulator to the BCD low-pressure inflator. Alright~ now let the OXYGEN pumping!!! Before that, hold the SPG away from you, just place it beside the cylinder tank facing downward will do..  Slowly turn to on the valve to the max, and turn back 1 round. Check your amount of air, a full tank should have 200bar.
Inflate your BCD using your left thumb and then deflate using index and middle finger.. I need to use 2 fingers to press... no makan nasi~ lol... You have to get used to it by fixing which finger you gonna use, so that you won't get confuse which is inflate or deflate when you get underwater. Then manually inflate by pressing deflate and blow in air into the hose.

Now, check the air by pressing the purge button and smell the air. The air shouldn't be having funny or stinky smell. Then try breathing with your regulator. Any difficulty in exhaling and inhaling, you must notify your instructor. Make sure your SPG is clip on and the alternate air source is attaches in the triangle formed by your chin and the corners of your rib cages.

Weight belt: Adjust the gap of each weight with the bull trademark with ur hand; pointing of pinky finger and thumb loh... The belt buckle have to be at your left side so that it has a right hand release. When wearing the weight belt, remember to bend forward to take the strain off the front so you can position the belt and secure the buckle easily.

Do the BUDDY CHECK and You are READY to go FOR DIVING!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Last weekend have 2 days of offday also didn't get enough rest... Saturday out whole day with Esther... Sunday went for housecall grooming from 9am until 4pm.. And then suddenly received a message from an incredible person that is so difficult to date out and he ASKED for movie wohh.. LOL! But too bad, most movies I watched already and some movie WeiLun watched already... SO, go for dinner loh.. You know who id this incredible person?? He is LimShiShyang..! That day, this LSS brought us to eat claypot lou shu fun at Restoran Makanan Yoke Heng which is located at Serdang. NOT BAD wohh!!! Will go eat again~  :D

After the dinner, with no planning at all.. Said wanna go to i-city.. Date along JiannSiang and  vroom we go!! 


this photo makes me laugh like HELL!!!
look at WeiLun's hand!!! 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Insidious & Pet World 2011

INSIDIOUS!! This is the second horror movie I watched with Esther!!! She is my only kaki to watch horror movie with me... huh~ We watched the earliest showtime; 11.15am at GSC Midvalley. Reached there around 10.30am and still have time to snap photos at the main hall. Pirates ruled Midvalley!! Nice decor though~ Everything seems so real; treasure boxes, rocks, and the pirates SHIP!

this photo was taken by a uncle with DSLR! Purposely ask him to help~ Pro people can take better photo~

the great pirates ship!!

Pet World 2011

This year Pet World Exhibition doesn't seems merrier than last year. Petsmore booth is the most happening if I'm not mistaken.. 

 Esther's eyes and the shiba inu puppy eyes look alike!
this pup cost 3k++ lehhhh

huh!!! Chi Hua Hua!! It just so irresistible~~

rabbit rabbit~

here's 1 cute looking doggie! 

this is an abused dog named Sakai, rescued and cared by H.O.P.E.
He was splashed with acid and caused severe damage at the face area. Actually his jaw is exposed.. There's no skin to cover the jaws... With treatment and care, he is still here today. Anyone feel free to make donation to the welfare and  STOP ABUSING ANIMAL!

We left Midvalley around 4pm and headed to Kuchai Lama to shop for clothes~
Recommended boutiques; McBee, Top & Bottom
And of course, the MUST EAT dessert, SNOWFLAKES!!!
My Tofu-Series Snowflakes; Red bean, lotes seed and TARO!!
Esther's Taro-Series Snowflakes; Pearls, sweet potato and TAROBALLS!!

Today is definitely a fully utilized holiday~~~ Woot* 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Veg Fish Farm 2 Thai Restaurant

Surprisingly, my sis rang me up and date me for dinner today!! She said wanna go for western cuisine.. then she change her mind; said wanna go for dessert at Kuchai Lama... then, steamboat... then, korean food...


In the end, she said wanna bring me to eat Thai cuisine on a lake wohhh...
The restaurant is located near Lookout Point. The road to the restaurant is NO EASY journey.... You will bump all the way to reach this place.. LOL!

mango sticky rice!!! MUST TRY!! Once you get the 1st bite, you won't stop eating it!!!

bayam goreng, interesting~

sis serving TomYam~ and please focus on the dishes, ignore my lame look... lol

here're the fried squid with salted egg; coconut ; TomYam!

me with a huge grilled clam..

fire burning the crabby~

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Roller Skating @ Subang Avenue

Don't know when my sis intro me about Groupon. Since then I'm kinda addicted to that page!!! Always check out for goodies!! You all should check it out too!!! I bet you will GET ADDICTED TOO!

Last month bought an awesome Groupon for only RM9.80 to enjoy Roller Skating @ Subang Avenue!!! It's my very 1st time to organize an outing and waa lahh~ It was a success and 12 person join this gathering on 29th of May 2011.... lol... Really not easy to date everyone.... huh.. Thanks to Facebook for having GROUP chat and event which makes thing 50% easier.. Atleast I don't have to call 1 by 1 to date them out..
KeePok and WaiSan last minute ffk not joining for meal.. Ishhhhhhhhhhhhh...

I set the meet up at 10.30am. Early?? We all manage to reach Subang Avenue at almost 12pm.
Because, i wait you, you wait me... JiannSiang was late to fetch SeeChee, WeiLun and KwongFey.. And then, ShanShan was late too...
Me, ShiShyang, YenFong and Olive reached at Taman Connaught McD before 10.30am.. TingWui, Esther and KarWoen going on their own. So, it's a GOOD idea to set the time EARLY!

disco theme roller skate~

       the morian Roller Skaters! 

After skating, we all headed to Subang Parade and had lunch. Everyone was so hungry and can't even wait for 30min to get seat at Nando's~ Instead of that 30minutes, we all choose to wait for 25 minutes at Kenny Rogers.. AhaHah!!!! I can't finish my meal because I don't like to eat chicken breast.. ewww

the guys dunno kepoh what at behind..

Here's something interesting to show you if you plan to go for roller skating.. I fell down 2 times.... and both my knees bruise gao gao!!
no pain no gain~  haha!
I think only ShiShyang and WeiLun will have the same 'tattoo' as mine.. LOL!
Ice skating won't hurt this bad though... I wonder why..