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Thursday, December 15, 2011

When the day you came

This is a story of a cat.. My very first cat. Back to 24th of September 2011. It was a fine evening and LeToro Grooming was helding it’s first furkids party. Out of a sudden, there’s meowing from the staircase. A poor little kitten spotted just at the middle of the staircase.

Seems like somebody just leave it there. I rushed to Jason and ask him to have a look at it. We decided to take the kitten into shop and Jason groom it. Surprisingly, it doesn’t struggle much while grooming.. The kitten was so dirty and the body was full with flea.. Wow, luckily there were a few cat can food available in store room. I fed it and by the way it eats, you know that it’s freaking hungry… Jason and I were considering whether to keep it annot.. SO, we made a deal.. If this cat can get along with Ika, then we shall keep it..

Here’s the first photo of it’s cat life~
It's left eye was injured... poor thing.. 

It’s 2nd day at LeToro Grooming~ Somehow, it’s getting along very well with Ika. Haha! It doesn’t show any aggression towards Ika and not afraid of us too.

Naming time!!! Jason said he wanted a Japanese name… I suggest a lot of funny funny name; Mochi, eggtart, pudding, kaya puff.. sounds yummy huh~  HAHAh!! Since it looks so feminine to me… so, I asked Jason, how about Hana which means flower in japanese. He said ON~  Without considering it might be a male cat.. LOL! We were so clueless…

I spent a lot of time playing with Hana. All I can say is… Cat is so easy to take care! You just need a sand tray and clumping sand and the cat will toilet train by itself~ The annoying part is… It will grab anything with it’s paw.. 
Another unique thing about Hana is, it runs like monkey.. haha!


6th of October. Hana first toy and scratch pole! It non-stop grabbing and biting the ball for the whole day.. LOL


Ohh, when we got a bed for Hana.. It will fool around with the bed and became a bed couching cat. HAHA!!

One day a customer drop by and grab Hana. And she identified that Hana is a male. LOL~ We thought of changing the name… but… already got used to ‘Hana’… so we just stick to it… Hana Boy! 

I came across an article on training cat. Since Hana is getting bigger day by day.. It likes to escape from the playpen and roam the whole shop.. His favourite place will be the store room.. Which is not a good place to find a kitten! And this article mention about training your cat to come over to you when you call it’s name. It used the same technique as dog training; Treats and praising… So, I tried and it works! Hana will come everytime I called~ Never failed though and  Cat treats are available at LeToro Grooming~  


Halloween! Hana wanna grab some candies~~~~

A day dreaming cat at LeToro Grooming~


6th of November~ seems like Hana gets new stuff every 6th of the month~ This time a T-Shirt! Red looks nice on him~

Do you know that Hana can stand and drink?

Posing for camera!

Month of December. Christmas is coming!

Hana: I know I'm handsome, don't look at me like that~


Cat Grooming

Cat grooming available at LeToro Grooming. For inquiry, Just give me a call at 016-928 7495 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Poodle Styling and Coloring

Here's Toro before and after coloring~

Poodle styling and coloring

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Poodle Grooming!

Poodle teddy bear cut

here's Baxter! Teddy bear cut~~

short and smart!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Convocation for my buddies~

17th October 2011

on their way to UPM!

Happy Graduation~~~~
Best of luck for a wonderful future!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Michael And Aries Wedding

Happy Wedding to gor and jie!

Saying the vows.

First time attending church wedding~

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Shih Tzu Grooming

Choosing a right grooming style for your furkids can be hard sometimes. Everything has to be put into consideration like their lifestyle, temperament, environment and not to forget how much time you can actually spend for their daily grooming job.

Shih Tzu teddy bear cut

Flower head maybe?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Poodle's birthday party celebration at LeToro Grooming

27th of August
Wuby & August Barkday!
Poodle's birthday party celebration at LeToro Grooming

Mandy rented our place to throw a birthday party for her 2 furkids; Wuby & August. Before the party started, Wuby & August got their makeover; basic bath and prepare for the PArtYyy! 

Furkids birthday cake!

Partying poodles!
Happy birthday to Wuby and August!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

LeToro Grooming

Been busy for weeks for renovation of LeToro Grooming. Things doesn't went so smooth at start. Jason and I already paid the deposit for rental, electric and water but the landlord somehow delay few days to settle the connection of electricity and water supply. So nothing can be done without electricity and water.. Meanwhile, I keep thinking for a new design for LeToro Grooming. Since Jason is going to use back "LeToro" so I decided to use the old Letoro logo and just add in a Chi Hua Hua into it! Hassle free~ no need to come out with a brand new logo~
LeToro Grooming

LeToro Grooming concept based on lining, black to white colour tone. Dime sepia lightning, decor with frames making it home style feel~ And our own customize pet hotel! DIY fences. Our non-cage pet hotel is at limited. Reservation is needed if you want your furkid enjoy a stay with us ~ Just give me a call at 016-928 7495.

Our Pet Hotel

Finally, the arrival of  21st of August 2011, opening of LeToro Grooming!!! It was the MOST busiest day in my life! Phone non-stop ringing. Need to lead the guest to shop. Need to serve those guests that already arrived. OMG..

Thank you so much to my family members support.. They give me unconditional support!! *sob. Thank you so much to all my friends! Even those who can't make it to join LeToro Grooming opening, you all still send in gifts, flowers and WISHES! *sob THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! 

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The birth of Ginger & Boy pups! Newborn ChiHuaHua in da HOUSE~~

Yesterday night was sleepless!!!! When I got back home at 7.30pm, Joel told me that Ginger's private part suddenly become very wet and got discharge. I was so worried that it's the amniotic fluid came out. I called Dr.Lim, Dr.Sam, and Leng to ask about symptoms that the dog is going to give birth. I gave ginger a box, some newspaper but she doesn't seem like digging or anything... She just seems restless and very low of energy.. HUHhhh...... I called my friends asked which Vet is still open at night and at last, I realize Segar Pets Centre And Veterinary Services is available until 9pm. Joel and I rush to the vet for Ginger check-up.

When we were on the way to the vet, I think the amniotic fluid just came out... It's a looks like a little balloon and the liquid is GREEN in colour! Doc said after the amniotic fluid come out, need to wait for 6 hours and if Ginger still struggling to give birth, she will need to go through caesarian.

So we went back home, and monitor Ginger.. Waited and waited.. So suffer to look at her.... She looks so restless, can't sit and even lie down properly.. She seems to be pushing but nothing come out... Around 10.30pm, the amniotic bag is still there..... I try to pull out and it burst... Then there's another white balloon thingy come out also... NOBODY tell me about that! Again I try to pull that thing out also. Quite tough but it burst instead of pulling out something.... I was so worried!!!!!! It was almost 11pm.... Joel said waited until 12am and see how... 

Eventually I fall asleep and Joel woke me up at 12.30am. He said there's something sticking out from the private part. It's 2 little LEGS!!! OMG!! Abnormal birth!!! We rushed to vet and I keep pressing the   emergency bell!!! HUHhhhHHHh!!!! The assistant immediately called Doc Ben Tham who is on call that night. Doc arrived after 20minutes!! Ginger need to do surgery immediately and off she go into the operating theater.. Heartache to see her like that... Seriously, it's not easy to give birth. The surgery lasted for about 1 hour... Doc came out and passed a box with two little CHI HUA HUA inside! He said 1 couldn't make it. 

We went downstair to have a look at Ginger. She just started to wake up, looks confused and blur.. Struggling to stand up.. First time seeing her in E-collar.. thanks God she's alright and make it through.. Rush hour not yet ended! Have to go back home and warm the pups. Doc gave us a pair of rubber glove and told us to fill it with hot water. Then place it under a cloth and put the pups on top to keep them warm. Doc also told us to feed the pups EVERY 2 HOURS......... Feed little newborn chi hua hua for the very first time.. first milking was at 3am.. the second was at 5am... and the next was at 7am.. and follow by another 2 hours...HOHhhh.... Really sleepless!!! Giving birth already not easy.. Milking is killing me!

Milking the puppy!

Ginger discharged at 10am this morning. Need to get her back to vet for check up after 10 days.

Got back home, we showed the pups to her. She looks terrified with them! OMG! Don't tell me she won't be milking the pups!!! Ginger only go near and sniff her pups.. I put her inside the cage and get the pups near her and eventually the pups started to suck. After a few try, Ginger only started to know that they are her pups~ And she STARTED milking~~~ YAY!