ホ―ン です[ ☆ Thoughts affect all of us, the question is, are they empowering or disempowering? ☆ ]

Sunday, October 31, 2010

adiNation RUN!!!

Joined the adination run at Taman Tasik Permaisuri. OMG, all the seniors really damn PRO!!!!!!! omg.. seriously, youngster should be exposed with such activity!! Most of the marathon runners there are in their middle age! Fuhh!

Had my 1st run today for 7km!! 1st time for a long run! It just feel goody!  :D
A new member will be given a passport to chop, and accumulate 30 chops you will be given a free Adidas running vest. Cool huh~
Come join in and become a runner today!!!!  

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1st 3D horror movie! The Child's Eye

WHOAAA!!! the very first 3D horror movie is on screen!!! Watched this movie with Esther at GSC Midvalley and it's also our 1st movie! :D  finally found a kaki to watch horror movie with me!!! Good good~~
damn funny to watch movie with Esther because before any scary scene pop out, she already cover her face and make funny sound.. LOL!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Your choice, your decision

Whatever i need to say, i already said.. It's your choice to listen, think and take a move. Or to just listen and do nothing, keep back the old you, continuing to sigh and complaint.. To suffer and upset.. It's your choice. It's not my business to mind and force you what to do. I only can do the talking, listening and nothing else. Decision is still on you. You make your own path, i cant keep slapping you to wake you up.. You need to do it by yourself. Remember, i only walk along and share joys and blues.. Guide each other.

It's not in the place where you think you deserve somebody or something and vice versa. People take a move to impress other people. To get people to choose and keep you.. If you think you are really not good enough, eventually others will kick you out or before they did, you retreat.. No need to ASK or TELLING them to kick you out.. No such thing as you don't deserve being whose friend. Yes, first you choose friends but you still need to impress them that you are a somebody who worth to be friended with. They are the one who choose whether you should stay or not. Your decision on what you do and performances will determine all..

I might not know the 100% of you. As you ended up with 4 words; "thanks for your advice".. I know it's not from your truly self.. Is that all you wanted to tell me? Is that all? Ask yourself..

Tea Cup Maltese

Look at the size of this maltese!! So small lehh...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What FRIEND is all about.

I'm not sure if you are reading this. You questioned that why we need friends since in the end; friends come and then go..
Suddenly I thought about this question. Let me ask you; Why do you still need to eat when in the end whatsoever you ate will become a SHIT? 
  • FOOD keeps you survive?
  • FOOD gives you to enjoy life?
Scientifically, your body process the food, absorb all the goodness and in the end just dispose the waste.

Will you thought of those when you are somehow lost your mind?????? I bet you will just shout out; What for we wanna eat.. In the end it's just a piece of shit..!

  • Fill up your life? They will colour your life?
  • Some will help and guide us along our journey? [be greatful]
  • Some will betray and fool us? [Just take it as a lesson in life, learn.]
Same goes to this.. What is in your head is; in the end friends will go away and lost in action, no news, no nothing.. Why need friends? No point making new friends. Do you know what you are actually saying? Are you having a conscious mind??? ARE YOU?!

Yes, friends should be caring each other but not until you put yourself as THE important one. Everyone have their own stuff to mind and take care of. Nobody deserves love or care from others besides your own family members.. In your mindset, everybody must care about you.. Make the 1st move before you.. Things don't happen by itself. WE, make it happen.. Want to eat? Just sit there and wait. Do you think the food will just pop out in front of you? NO! You have to go and get it. BUY, COOK and maybe ASK for it. Don't EXPECT things to happen. It just won't..
When you think that you are that so important, whenever you don't get any attention.. YOU WILL FEEL BAD. You are not happy. Why you wanna make yourself suffer? DON'T take everything so heavily cause you can't bare it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the ONE and only, Popeye the Schnauzer

Every Wednesday will bring Popeye to APC for bath.~ Here are some pictures to share. 

Blow drying.. LOL!

Popeye owns a pair of eyes that speak...


Double Chi's

Got a perfect snap out of Boy and Ginger!! wehh, really difficult to take a photo of them lehhh..! Especially Boy Boy... He tends to avoid the camera all the time!!!  =.=

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jesse Birthday at Weissbrau

Jesse requested to have a simple birthday celebration, so we made our way to Weissbrau at Pavilion. It serves German cuisine, mainly pork and sausages~ The food is not bad~~~ 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Legend of the fist

Popeye posing for LEGEND OF THE FIST! LOL

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do you really take good care of your furkid???

Here's some questions... Very bothering....

  1. Why wait until your dog's fur tangled like dunno what and then only come for grooming??
  2. Why wait until the dew claw poke into the dog's paw, then only you come and trim??
  3. Why aaa????

definately need pedicure....

look at the ear.... everything clump together... but funny, only the eye area was nicely trim..

do you know what is beyond this??

*attention!! photo below is disturbing..










It's the dog's hind leg!!! Somemore it's a maggot wound...
Yet!! the owner insist to heal his dog.. I really don't know why.. She even mentioned that it wasn't her dog. She rescue it from straying few weeks ago.. Seriously, i don't think so.. She was denying..
After grooming.. It is was a cute dog actually...

An OBESE Shih Tzu
Does this dog looks OK to you???

After all the ticks were removed.
So, dear pet owners.. Do you wait until your pet is fully cover with ticks then only you will bring your dog to groom????
Working in an animal clinic give me chance to meet funny-funny and pattern-full customer.... very different experience with working at a pet shop...
There're customers who only think that they are so RIGHT, they did the right thing, but then don't know why is it ended up like that.. they will just keep denying and denying.. ex; Customer: Everyday I comb my dog!!! Don't tell me that it is matted.. this or that. You just wanna earn that extra $$ saying that my dog is badly matted..
Even funnier, customers come to pick up their dog, paid and leave.. Supposingly you should check and see you dog first before leaving. Then after awhile, called back and complaint that the groomers injured the dog.. have cuts here or there.. And if the groomer really hurt the dog, will you go back to there for grooming? YES! Those customers did! Really so speechless. Means that they just complaint for fun.. Definately we, the groomers will inform the owner if we really injured the dog or anything..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It doesn't feel good at all.

You should ask your friend earlier, instead of agree with me to go for the trip at the very 1st place. While on the way to the trip, you said you will take that person's advice. You told me that since this trip was planned earlier... so have to go. So, I asked you; If this trip is not plan at all, will you go? And you have answered a "NO".. Do you know how I feel? What's the point to go for the trip with me???
When I'm being too straight forward, you said that I'm too straight. How am I goin' to tell you what is actually in my mind??? Something is just not right. If 1 day, I don't tolerate with you, wonder what will happen..

Monday, October 4, 2010


I've been longed to go to island for holiday!!!! And I make it to Redang Island this year!!! Started the Redang Getaway on 11th September. There were total of 13 person in this trip!! We drove to Terengganu and stayed there for 1 night and the next morning, 12th Sept headed to Merang jetty. Reached Redang around 12pm, then immediately lodged into Redang Holiday Beach Villa and got the Semi-D Bungalow! It was nice and comfy~ ;D


Ouu~ I saw a SQUID while snorkling!!!! Interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe will go back to Redang to get my diving license next year.. to meet the squid again. LOL

nhomm nhomm~

Seriously, the videos will tell you how fun was the trip! Just nothing much to say!! SEE it and FEEL it!!