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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just Gone like that...

28.12.2008, 11:21pm

My mobile phone rang and it was a call from my aunt. "Your Godfather had just passed away", this was the first thing I heard when I pickup the call. So sudden.. Everything happened so sudden. He was emmited into the hospital a week before because of stroke. Few hours back just thought to visit him at another day but he can't wait nomore and gone from this world. Rushed to Ampang Hospital although it's raining. Crying all the way until seeing him for the very last time. 43 years old, and you are just to young to leave the world. I can't believe that this is real, seeing him breathless lying on the plain white bed. The moment was full with sorrow.

*Before I came to this word, you already made me your goddaughter.

You have leave the world before seeing me success in my life,

Before giving me a chance to take care of you,

Before seeing me getting marry and having children,

Even before I got the chance to visit you in the hospital.*

Dear Godfather, rest in peace. You will always be remember.

Life is SO FRAGILE. Who knows what will happen in the next second. Never wait or hesistate to do the things you wanna do because time doesn't wait for you. Appreciate everyone around you, especially your love ones.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lonely.. Always does

Today after work went to Sg. Wang to get a necklace and walk about the area. Didn't know that it's so happening at Sg. Wang during night time. Got FFk by SnaiL.. thought can yamcha with her. Now Keong is No. 1 lohh~ huhhh... So unlucky because suddenly pour rain when the time I wanna go home.. chehhhh, why laa.. Rushed to Times Square and stayed until the rain stopped. Met an AngeL and other cute mascots walking around greeting the people.

A lot of shopping complex decorate and fill the environment with X'mas greeting. Thumbs up for Times Square X'mas tree. Looks nice!

Cute Santa~ Santa Claus is coming to town~~
Ho Ho HoLive band performance at the Ground floor. They can play and sing so well. *applause* They perform too well until manage to affect my mood... sigh
Wow... a cup of Cappucino with a piece of peanut cookie!!!!

-Love in on the cup of cappucinö-

My dinner plate at Vivo; Cappucino + Carbonara Linguine

Nice~ will go there again and try on other food.

Friday, December 19, 2008

○FF Day ShöPpinG Spree!!!

17.12.2008 (Wednesday)

At Last!!! Off day has come!!! The day before I planned to go to Midvalley to start my shopping spree sharp at 10am!! Who knows I'm too lazy and sleep until 12pm. Shiök sleepin' duhh~ Got up immediately, bathed and put on my 'mask' and blast off to Midvalley with my Hubby KrisStar WQQ5##7.

Whoa.. it's was jammin' on the road to get into Midvalley. People is doin' their shopping too!! So many car = so many people... =.=

My 1st time having a shopping spree with NOBODY. CooL~ I bought lotsa lotsa stuff!!!!!! OMG... i spent alot man!!!! Almost reach RM400....

☻da stuff ☻

  • 2 pieces of shirts

  • a pair of Banana Moon sneakers

  • hand cream & lotion

  • necklace

  • personalised keychain

  • X'mas present for my dear SnaiL

  • undies (hehe)

  • Maybelline mascara *damn cheap*

  • 4 cans of assorted tuna & a loaf of bread (for my breakfast)

  • household items

Walked until my legs gonna to break off... Had my dinner at 5pm. It's so tough to decide what to eat when you are actually surrounded by variety F○○DS. Ended up eating Salmon Teppanyaki. Waaa... bean sprout, bean sprout~~

After that continue my shopping spree and met a insurance agent. Talked 'bout some insurance stuff and sign for a plan. Still wondering whether that is insurance a neccesity? Whatever, a pet groomer faces lots of risk. Insurance is to ENSURE that you got the $$ when you need it. So, BUY lohh.. Somemore there's investment plan provided, can save up some bling~

Finish the conversation at about 9pm, and thought to ciaö but saw some InterestinG stuff and got into the shop to see, see, LooK, LooK, and then BUY, BuY... Ö.ö

Got a call from Marcus and the call was passed to SnaiL: Hey, wanna join us at Connaught night market!?? Sounds great but Feeling so tired and with hesitation, i said NO... But i change my mind fast enough and met them at the night market. Heheh!! Fei was doing his group photography assignment with the theme 'night life'. Very happy to meet them again; Snail laa, Keong laa, Marcus laa, Fei laa, Wei Shin laa, lastly Chris laa.

Fully packed day~ really enjoy, can't wait for the next off day.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


SPCA Christmas Pawty!!
20th Dec 2008 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Venue: SPCA Office, Ampang Jaya

Come On Over For a Doggone Good Time! Dine buffet-style with us, and mingle with animal-lovers and their furry firnds at our pet-friendly event! We'd also love it if you brought along a [non-gift wrapped] gift (toy, treats, food or pet care products) for the SPCA shelter animals, for our month long "Do The Animal Know It's Christmas" donation drive. Let's make their Christmas a Merry one, too!

Tickets are priced at RM20 for adults and RM10 for children below 12. For enquiries and bookings, please call 03-42535312 or drop us a line a spca@streamys.com

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Buzy day Öff Day

I'm on my own to bath Miacha today!!! Getting along well with him. I never bath a Chow Chow on my own before. It's just killing me. Sweat like hell inside the toilet. Earning $$$ is not easy.

When I got back home, saw this rat gasping for air at the floor and with blood on it!!! I think Boy Boy my Chi Hua Hua has just fought with the rat!!! Huhh... Looking at the bloody rat for a few second, I took newspapar and grabbed the rat by it's tail. Awwwwww, the feeling was AWFULL!!! I can't believe that i was holding a half dead rat.. =.= Even can took a picture of it. fuiYoh.. Don't know when I become so brave!

There's a dream catcher hanging in Joy's car. Maybe she got bad dream sleeping in the car and wanna catch the nighmare but it catches a cute froggie.


Keong's name card, anyone live at Damansara Jaya can go and check out his shop!! It is now open for Business!!A swing chair!!!! Customer can enjoy swinging while waiting for their pets to be groom.

So shiok swinging at the chair~~~~

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sista Convocation

Huhh, it has been ages since the last time i woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning!!! I followed my sis woke up and seeing her so excited early in the morning. It's a BIG day for her! Still being so sleepy, I snapped a pic of my silly face~ Can see that the room is so messy. Hahah!!! Forgive me... It's early in the morning, everyone was in a RUSH. Ö.ö

One way ticket and yeaa.. FORMAL ATTIRE PLEASE! CraCK my head duhhh and I'm wearing SKIRT.. yea right, skirt...Mommy and Daddy came back from Singapore to attend my sister's convocation!!!Congratulation sis!!! A bouquet of flawaaa for ya!!!! ♥ Muakxx!! ♥

It's an amazing and memorable day for me. Mom almost tear out.. Tears of happiness.

The Garden

Birdie in da cage!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

my client

This is what i done to my client~


Quite impress how the deaf communicate using HANDPHONE!!! They 3G each other!!! Have you think about that?!?!?!? Shun (in the pic) is 1 of my colleague that is deaf and as you can see that he's shiök 3G-ing with his friend!!!



fooling around with Chi Hua Hua's ears~~

MAROON Colour P○○DLE!!

Ah biao style cocker.. X-D

Thursday, December 4, 2008


PooiJi, thanks for asking me to be your model! So glad to contribute in 1 of your photography assignment! I look so devil-ish!! Gosh..

You always bring the best out from me and only bestie can do it!!!
LPJ is an accountant + graphic designer + photographer + make up artist!!