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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bad Day

You won't be able to expect what will happen in the next second.
As usual, I'm on my bike to work with a happy smile on my face.. Suddenly a Kembara made a right turn without any signal on and I hon nonstop then just crashed towards the car. Tryin' my best to hold my bike, I didn't fall down. My left foot!!! So painful!! The driver stopped at the side and ask about my condition. Getting down from my bike, I asked her why she made a sudden turn! That was really a FAST and SUDDEN turn without signal on. She apologize and told me that she was in a hurry to look for a parking lot.

I took out my shoe and socks.. Waa laaa...... My foot swell like a pig's leg....... I was so panic.. almost wanna cried out. Then got some arguement between the driver and my insurance agent. Settled down, she drove me to HUKM for a check up. I called my sister, told her about the accident and immediately she took emergency leave and rush to HUKM to look for me. Same as PooiJi, Fei and Marcus. They all really so concern about me.. Thank you. Glad to have you guys!

Right after the hit.. inside her car.. Piggy leg..

Waiting in HUKM, the swell already faded a lil bit
X-Ray result; have a bone fracture, the third metatarsal bone broken

Bandage leg

Now walkin' on tongkat... both armpit and my only right leg are supporting my whole body weight.

After today accident, I realize that human is CUNNING... especially FEMALE.. Within hours after got back from HUKM, the driver twisted her word so fast. After the hit, she admit it's her fault and she will bare the responsible. In the hospital, she said will bare the medical cost and so on.. after that, she refuse to pay the for the next check up and said that it's not her fault and doesn't need to do any more payment regarding my broken leg. Somemore dunno how, she argue with my sis and said wanna report to the police and let the police to settle our case and see whose fault. I'm not afraid of you!!! Off to the police station I go..with my sis, Gino and Marcus. Made an accident report and now waiting for investigation.

Signature craze

Sign Sign Sign and sign... bunch of paper to be sign!!!!!

Saw a blood donation poster at UOB bank, and decision was made in a blink of eyes! Ok, let's go..!
Got a blood test by poking a needle on my middle finger. The result was so dissapointing.. I aint got enough iron. So can't make blood donation on that day.. But my sis passed the test..

Whoaaaa... Poking the needle into the vein.. Eww

See~ sis so happily donating her blood

bloody... to help who needs it

Monday, April 27, 2009

dulan with working environment

EWwwwwwwwwwwwww...... SO mad today..... So mad.. almost goin' insane!
I just hate people walking in and out from the grooming room. It's so distracting the dog I'm grooming. It just won't stay still! Last time working at Wow Wow @ Meow Meow also don't have this kind of problem occur.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Tenji Japanese Buffet, Soho KL, Mont' Kiara

Whoaa! My sis brought me to Tenji!!!!!!!! Incredibly Tenji is having promotion now! Supper RM88 add another RM1 inculde tax is RM151.40 for two person!!!!!!!!!!!! Great deal man!! What are you all waiting for!!!

1st thing that catches our eyes is the sushi section!!!!
I grab all my Favourite Fishy!!! yum yummmm

we got smoked salmon + assorted sashimi!!


Be Indulge!! Choco Fountain!!!!!!!!!


Haagen Daz Ice Cream

After a GREAT meal, cleanse your stomach wid variety of brew tea!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Unforgettable Wan Leng's 21st birthday experience

☆━━…‥・ 19.04.09・‥…━━☆

Was Wan Leng 21st birthday!! Wan Ting aka our B Jie came out with a plan to celebrate her birthday at club! Final decision came out goin' to Poppy Club. There were 7 of us, da birthday gal; Wan Leng, Wan Ting, Geok Teng, Xiao Wei, myself;Suk Hong, See Hoe and Wai Loon.

☆゚'・:*: Wan Leng da B'day gal ↑:*:・'゚☆

*:゚・ Wan Leng and I ↑ ・゚:*
。.+☆ Wan Ting and I ↑☆+.。
。゚o。 Geok Teng and I ↑。o゚。
゚・*:.。 Shuet Yee and I ↑。.:*・゚
Hoho! Wan Ting, See Hoe and Wai Loon 1st time were given to Wan Leng! It was their 1st time being to Club. Guai guai lui and zai. LöL! Poppy was a happening club, so crowded on Saturday night~ Club fever night huh..

Got to Poppy at about 11.30pm and order 2 bottles of Vodka. Quite a strict club, need to check I.C. bohhhh... give you see luo~ All shiok drinkin' da Vodka and I'm with my gas-less and ice-less Sprite. Taste like water with sugar.

Met Shuet Yee during the night and she joined us for awhile, then ciao back to her gang of friends. We all hang till the last hour and shiok camwhore until 1 bottle of the Vodka got stolen also didn't notice. RM400++ for a bottle of Vodka instead of 2. The person who did so, YOU WILL GET BACK WHAT YOu've DONE TO others. GOD Is FAIR. Dismiss with anger, we all got into Wan Leng's lil Viva and thought of stop by at mamak stall nearby. Here comes another dark incident; Along the way, we bump into a motorcyclist gang, more than 10 of them.. at the corner point kinda drift a bit and shock 1 of the motorcyclist. With such illiterate people in the world, that asshole malay guy kick our car. Hanya orang yang tidak BERTAMADUN akan berbuat demikian. Brainless jerk.

They all then kept following us until Jalan Imbi and strike an attack. Wai Loon sitting beside me BROADCAST WHAT they WERE DOING! ; HEY! They WANNA HIT US! THEY ARE COMING! I called 999 but who knows got talian sambungan, what the heck is this?!?!?!?!?! Emergency still wanna sambung talian!!! A strong BANG from behind made the glass crack and broken into pieces at the second hit. They actually attack with a BRICK and a LOCK. They attacked from the right side and eventually those sitting on the left got the damage; Wai Loon and me. Wai Loon hurt his hand and I hurt my back. Just a minor physical injury, got smal cut by glasses and somehow, bruised. Thanks GOD that brick didn't hit our HEAD!!!! HEY!!!!!!! THIS IS CONSIDER MURDERING!
Everyone out there! Please, make a habit of looking at vehicle plat number!!!!!! So FARK up that none of us that see even 1 of the bike plate number!!!!!! And STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM GANG of motocyclist! Stick to crowd and BE ALERT!!!!

Police is stationing so many police hut, YET... I think it is useless... Don't wanna mention, just 1 word; DULAN
Dulan at our malaysia 'maa taa'.. After the attack we stop by at Bukit Bintang police hut, a bunch of unknown guys came towards us and ask bunch of question, and then offer for help, to claim insurance policy, to fix the car, to tunda the car.. apa ni? After such sudden talk, police told us to go to Police Traffic Department, SO we got there and the police traffic told us we were at the wrong department and told us to go to Dang Wangi Crime Department. =..=
Another thing that made me so so fade up, superb dulan.. MTCM.............................
He called up and I told him what happen, the 1st thing he shoot; WHY SO LATE?!?! WhaT is the time already! Then all the WHY keep coming and coming and coming... Why play till so late!! Why people chase after you all? Why and Why and Why...
I waited for you to CONCERN about our SAFETY and you DIDn'T EVEN ASK.. except asking why for everything. MTCM, I really wonder what are you thinking inside your head.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Form 6 (Mori, miss you guys so much!!!)

Year 2006-2007 was 18-19 years old back then.. I was the only one from SMK Dato' Onn got into Lower6 Mori. I survived very well until I graduated, though!! Morians were graceful, fun, happy and silly! Never regret been to Form 6 and met so many great friends. I miss them all so much.

Now, all of them are going on their own, chasing their dreams, walking on their path of life.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam aka Taman Pertanian Negara

Whoaa~ It have been ages since the last time went to Taman Pertanian during Form 6~

Woke up so early in the morning and prepare for the extreme Day! Thanks to Google Earth!! Manage to get to destination without any hassle! Woohoo!

Was a rainy morning and usually, those frizzy cold n' humid morning will make people wanna pee pee.. somemore inside a car with air-con.. Salute Fei that broke the traffic rules to make a U-turn to get the missed Shell petrol station. ; Just to drop by and 'shii shii' Huh~ nature call maaa... traffic was so JAM on the way to Shah Alam. Realize that Fei got a bad habit of driving; likes to Kiss people asses.. =.=
come on, stay away from asses dude! Don't play play on the road.. Be serious laaa, 22 years old already this year, still wanna play.

Marcus; Sotong; Snail; Fei

It's Spring!!!!


After cycling went to Taman Connaught to have our brunch.. Then rushing got back to Marcus's house and stand by for second round excitement! Ice skating~ Going to meet Marcus's fellow Judges.. Lol!

Was a healthy day!