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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Viva Vertical Malaysia 10th year anniversary presents Femme Fatale DECADANCE (Dance of the Decade)

Viva Vertical Malaysia's facebook event Femme Fatale Decadance and posts,

- 2016 is a special year for Viva Vertical as we have finally hit a decade. Celebrating our 10th year, Viva Vertical has come up with a production called Femme Fatale - Decadance. (Dance of the Decade)

We empower women to stand strong, independent and still embracing their feminity.

Our production is a 1 hour show about revolving around women power.

Back in those days when we were young and innocent, we would wait patiently for our Prince Charming to come and rescue us out of our misery. Only to realise that it would never happen or just far too long of a wait. 
So, we decided to live to the fullest, stand on our own two feet, and stand up tall.
We discovered pole dance, aerial arts and acrobatics as we wait - we sculpted ourselves not just physically but mentally as well- still retaining our sensuality, feminity and most importantly our soul.

"A strong woman understands that the gifts such as logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all of her gifts." —Nancy Rathburn -

This event was held in DPAC (Damansara Performing Arts Centre), in total of 4 shows:
#1.   8 Apr 2016, 8.30PM (guest performer Soo Wincci)
#2.   9 Apr 2016, 3.30PM (guest performer Joanne Yeoh)
#3.   9 Apr 2016, 8.30PM (guest performer Soo Wincci)
#4.  10 Apr 2016, 3.30PM (guest performer Joanne Yeoh)

Ticket price:
VIP - MYR88; Regular - MYR68 

My act in this big production: 


First of all, there's gonna be alot of "THANK YOU" in this posting! Its just gonna be a never ending thank you~~

The Cube has always been around in the studio. I never actually see Aerial Cube performance / practices in studio.. When I got to know that I'm assigned to perform in aerial cube, I was excited and abit nervous too!!! 

We only have 1 month to practice before the production........... This act consist of 4 aerialist, Yen, Elena, Angel and myself. Angel showed me the video of the whole act and there's 1 part when I see it, I immediately asked; the lower back will break aaa? >,<  I always have problem with lower and upper back poses.. Can't help when I see extreme back bending.. 

As this act is all about teamwork, we can't practice when one of us is not around. The training is way more strict than the usual class.. Furthermore training with seniors made me even more tension........
But surrounded with their professionalism, I've really learnt a lot, as in techniques, presentations, confidence, etc.

Besides that, I'm also assigned to be a backstage crew! Such a great and unforgettable experience to be a performer on stage and be a backstage crew in the same time! I think I had so much fun running around the backstage trying to help. 

I would like to apologize for all the mistaken I've made.. 
Sorry if I nonstop cue-ing or cue to early.. 
I'm so gan jiong and worried if I might miss out anything!! 😱😱😱
Seriously dear friends, anyhow I think I will still be a mumble queen to you all ok~ haha.
But I've learnt to be calm when something went wrong. Just keep calm and cover that shits yeah~

Thank you so much for others crew and performers guidance especially Yiki, Zen, V Lea and Lola!

Miko and Nana; Thank you for trusting me in this and it's a great time partnering with Shernes and Nozomu, and also the partime crew Nicholas, Sheila, Cynthia, Nathalee.
We had great front desk helper Noah, Sun Wei, Jennifer, Mai and Virginie~ please remember my bff faces and jaga their tickets next time lo. After Femme Fatale DECADANCE, they become die hard fans!

BIG BIG BIG thank you to friends that make the effort to come and watch this awesome productions!
Really glad that you all enjoy the show~  To friends that didn't make it, next year maybe?? ok~~
First show with SookWah and WeiKit~
Jesse and his friend~
and Esther!
Second day of show with Jeslyn~
SeeHoe jio along her mom~
Jessica with her aunts and cousin~
On the last show with my VVIP!
Aunt Vivian and sis~
Jason and his mate~
Snail and her friend~
the bridegroom and bride-to-be, CJ and KitYee~

There's also a planned surprise for Miko and Nana after the show~

 💃🌹 such gratitude to be part of VV family 🙌thank you so much!!!! Just a simple video how we all sneak upstairs hiding flowers and writing notes ✍. Planned by Yiki ~~~ Most start with "what to write aaaaaa" followed by Jennifer, Kitt, Sam and with phone around checking for spelling like Nic and myself. Hahaha!!! And Angel seems like having exam looking side to side on what's other is writing. While Noah shiok drawing in the card and Cynthia not wasting any single second stretching, Sheila writiing with her own attitude~ while Lola, VLea and Pippa steadily writing as the 1 small card doesn't seems to fit all they wanna express!!

And of course after the show I went to GULP ON FOOD!!!! Hence, everyone is so busy leaving me and Noah the only 2 with no dates. We went to eat at B.B.Q Plaza! Nhommm nhommmm nhommm!!

Can't get enough of Femme Fatale~~

Photo credit to YKTangPhotography for such awesome photos!!!
Show some support by giving a LIKE to his page!!
more photos in the fan page~
hello world from the Cube. XD


okok~ here's the Femme Fatale, Decadance rundown;

Before all shows start, we do the GOOD SHOW cheering!!!

1st item was Cell Block Tango performed by all the instructors and senior performers. I still remember when I watched it last year, I was so into the show and feel like I can't blink as I might miss any thing!! This year they are back with more power move and astonishing choreography.

*at this moment I'm at the backstage already in standby-mode preparing to help on carrying back Soo Wincci's Hoop ... which only gonna happen in another 20 minutes... 

ok, followed by Acro Balance by Lola and V
both of them based in Hong Kong, and yet they purposely fly back to Kuala Lumpur and put out a great show for everyone! 

Continue with guest performance by Soo Wincci on 8th April, Friday 8.30pm and 9th April, 8.30pm show.
 She's singing while Sun Wei and Nathalee doing the combination of Hoop and Silk. This a new thing! 

after that was her solo, singing + performing Aerial Hoop!

While on 9th April, 3.30pm and 10th April, 3.30pm, there's guest performance by Joanne Yeoh~
here's she playing violin in aerial! 

this round was Cynthia partnering with Jennifer on the hoop and silk along with music played by Joanne.

*as they are performing, I saw Miko was very happy looking at them, enjoying their show. She's nodding and clapping with the rhythm~~~  I wished that they would have saw her expression too!! Usually Miko is very strict to us during training.. haha!

Alright, then came the Cube slowly rolling out from the side with contemporary dances.
*before the transition, Shernes and I keep reminding Nic to unlock the middle pole for Kitt's act afterwards. He kept on holding the key and dash out to unlock when the time came, worried will get whacked by Kitt... haha~ because during the full rehearsal we forgot to unlock it. 

move on with duo Cube by Kitt and Angel ~
*was my showtime too!!! I'm cue-ing the pulley team for the Cube height. :D
right after that, me and Kitt help to bring out the mat for the next performance.
and also she had to immediately take off her shorts and gave it to me for my next act! 

Ok, and the came out Pui Yi moving fluidly on her rope choreography at the left side of the stage while Elena contorting on the Cube at the right side! This gonna keep your eyes so busy looking from left to right and right to left~ hahahh~
* during the first show when Elena already got up to the Cube doing her solo, I got so nervous and ran backstage searching for Yen and Angel to standby for our Cat Lore Aerial Cube! I still remember I scare off Yen by keep telling that Elena gonna come down already!! And she ran out to the side of the stage with her mask not properly in place.. lol... 

Here comes the Cat Lore Aerial Cube!

*As a crew running around at the backstage, I wear socks for protection and to keep my feet clean but mana tau there's 1 time I came out with my black socks still on!!!!! 
I only notice when I did a split and almost shock to death when I saw my socks.......! Anyhow, there's a moment when we were rolling on the stage, I manage to remove it. Phewwwwwwwwwwww! 

boom with our last pose!! *clap clap clap*

After that continued with Pippa showing off her Aerial Strap act.

special edition only on 9th April both noon and night show~ Mai and her daughter, Shannon performing duo pole! 

this is the intro for Aerial Pole. VIVA VERTICAL PRESENTING POLE IN THE AIR!

*ok, while they are slowly  emerging onto the stage, pole cleaners (me, shernes, nic) were busy cleaning the pole at the back. heheh

here's Yiki spreading flower petals!!! nice huhhhh~~

dance with all your heart~

Malaysia first Aerial Pole by Miko!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


followed with solo pole by Kitt

and LED Poi performed by Pippa

duo pole by Angel and Sam on show #1 and #4

different partnering duo pole by Angel and Yen for show #2 and #3

Then we carried on with exotic floorwork and pole

*ohoh, I kinda messed up here on the 2nd show because I bring the wrong allen key to lock the X-pole in the center!! OMG!!!
I didn't know that there's different allen key............. I went crazy at the backstage, and Nic told me to find Nana but I couldn't find her!!!!!
so how, die die must go out and cover that shit of course!!
I rushed out lock the pole, and rushed back... OMG...
and after the show, a senior came to me and told me to keep calm even there's mistake. He said when the audience saw you tension, they also tension like dunno what happen.. 

The contortion act by Elena

Solo Aerial Hoop by Nic . He's full out with splits, spins, neck hang! what else you want? 

and Hula Hoop act by V

Phenomenal Women by the power lady, PuiYi, Yen, Miko, Nana and Yiki.

Ending with Crazy in love with showering flower petals!!!


Sound system,technical and pulley team!

Stay tune for the videos update!

Here's a short clip on our Aerial Cube practices. behind the scene~
Posted by Squido Ng on Monday, April 11, 2016


Unknown said...

Wow... such a wonderful blog on how your journey to Femme Fatal Decadance, my dear. Thank you for your hard work and commitment.Most important, your willing to learn attitude is very appreciated��

Unknown said...

I am Miko😉

Squido Ng said...

halo Miko!! I'm so so so so so so grateful to have you as my sifu!!! REALLY thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part in this big production. And also for the past performances as in student showcases, recitals, and other events.
All those years of training, your patience guidance, your knowledge sharing, and teaching have made what I am today as a performer! ! OMG, I never imagine myself would be a performer on stage! not to say as a crew for backstage event too!

You are so inspiring!! I really hope that more people will get to know about Aerial Arts. Although sometimes it might get a lil' tough in training, but there's so much FUN in it! No pain no gain~